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2016.Sep.26 - Qumble 1.3.0 relesed, with updated apps; VirtualBox 5.0, LibreOffice 5.1, FireFox 45, MD5 checksums, implanted Disc-level-verification "checkisomd5", and other updates.

2013.Jun.16 - Qumble 1.2.0 relesed, with the introduction of Bitcoin wallet (Electrum) to disc, plus LibreOffice 4.0. Electrum was chosen because it is the simplest to use and deterministic wallet, which makes it much easier to backup.

2013.Jun.16 - I'we got a set of physical Bitcoins (1 BTC) from Casacious and intent to sell several, along with Qumble disc, bundled. The Qumble DVD comes with source code as well as light-scribe label. See "Bitcoin" section.

2013.Jan.05 - Qumble 1.1.0 relesed, added LBreakout game + Thunderbird email and lots of minor updates and bugfixes.

2012.Dec.21 - Qumble 1.0.2 relesed, with lots of updated applications, including FireFox 17 ESR (Extended Stable Release), LibreOffice, latest Scite and more...