Download page

Download Qumble v1.3.0 with Source Code (for redistributors; ~1700 MB)

Download Qumble v1.2.0 (recommended; ~650 MB)
Download Qumble v1.2.0 with Source Code (for redistributors; ~1300 MB)

After downloading the disc image, you will have to burn them with your favorite DVD burning software. On Windows 7, burning of images is integrated into the O.S., so you won't even need a special software, just right click on the ISO file->Burn.

MD5SUM: (this will guarantee file validity)

a0761ff6c56c8a89a34be5795722f68a Qumble_v1.0.2.iso

d3a2b77850a1fb6a55b9846bb6efffd8 Qumble_v1.0.2_with_sources.iso

5236f1aaaac804813f53432933fe4440 Qumble_v1.1.0.iso

66e3e55dee3eb435f67c2f2086d24217 Qumble_v1.1.0_with_sources.iso

d960c82462c7b43fc2ba59db709bd157 Qumble_v1.3.0_with_sources.iso

or you can use Linux utility "checkisomd5", or per-file MD5 sum for any v1.3 series and above. Verification is integrated.